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    Temperature sensing trouble , MCU CYBLE-224116-01     :(


      Hello everyone,


      I'm really struggling to have accurate temperature readings sensed, using a thermistor. I have an evaluation board for the CYBLE-224116-01 MCU that I have attached to the CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A. Externally I have connected a TO103J2F NTC 10k ohm  thermistor and a 9.1k ohm resistor to the kit. The connections in place are for V high, V low and V therm. 


      I've read through all the documents and carried out testing on the outputs of the connections. However, the readings being displayed  via the CY Smart app are completely off. 50°C is being displayed or just somewhere under.

      Can someone please have a look at my PSoC creator project file and my hardware connections.


      I've attached the project file and the  Temperature VS Resistance table ( TO103J2F).



      I really hope to have this working


      Kind regards,

      Alisha Khan