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    I need Help I2C create sample code cybt343026



      I have tried unsuccessfully to create a code to read an i2c slave in the kit cybt-343026-001


      Please, if someone can guide me towards a basic example.

      Thank you .


      I attach the code used.


      #include "wiced_hal_i2c.h"

      #include "wiced_bt_trace.h"


      #define I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS (0x76)

      #define I2C_SLAVE_OPERATION_READ 0



      /* Sample code to test i2c driver */





      void test_i2c_driver( void )


      uint8_t data_array[] = "123456";



      /* Initializes the I2C driver and its private values. This initialization

      * sets the bus speed to 100KHz by default (I2CM_SPEED_100KHZ)*/

      wiced_hal_i2c_init( WICED_I2C_SDA_P35_SCL_P37 );



      /* current I2C bus speed */

      wiced_hal_i2c_get_speed( );

      wiced_hal_i2c_set_speed( I2CM_SPEED_100KHZ );


      /* Writes the given data to the I2C HW addressing a particular slave address */

      wiced_hal_i2c_write( data_array, sizeof( data_array ), I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS);



      wiced_hal_i2c_read( data_array, sizeof( data_array ), I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS);

      WICED_BT_TRACE( "Read bytes %s\n\r", data_array );