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    BCM43455 Group Key Renewal Failing




      We have disabled roam Firmware offloading by loading brcmfmac module with roamoff=1 module param

      Also disabled BRCMF_FEAT_FWSUP feature by disabling below line in feature.c under brcmf_feat_attach()

      //brcmf_feat_iovar_int_get(ifp, BRCMF_FEAT_FWSUP, "sup_wpa");


      When loading modules with above configuration Group Key Renewal is failing with WPA2 Authentication

      Also connection is failing when WPA is configured during Group Key Exchange.


      AP is sending Deauth with reason code 15 (4-way-Handshake Failed) with failing Group Key Exchange.


      Attaching GTK Renewal Failed log at Controller/AP side.


      Looks like even-though firmware roam-offload and FWSUP is disable the response to Group Key (M5) message is sent by Firmware instead of forwarding request to  wpa_supplicant. Because of this Group Key renewal is getting failed.


      Please provide us any details to configure WiFi Module to forward handling of Group Keying to wpa_supplicant instead of handled by FWSUP.