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    HX3 firmware update


      I must update the firmware of two cascaded HX hosts. They both have their external EEPROM (HX3 master). Unfortunately, I can only reach the first host with Blaster Plus tool. FW update works fine for this one. Unfortunately it's not possible for the second one.

      According my understanding, the FW is stored in the external EEPROM.

      Is there any possibility to write the FW directly to this external memory?

      Any other suggestions how to trip the first host and access the second one by Blaster Plus?

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          Please clarify if one of the HX3 hubs is connected to the downstream port of the other HX3 and to the same host with two separate EEPROMs connected to the hubs? Please attach a block diagram of your configuration for our understanding. In that case, if the first hub is bound to vendor driver for updating the firmware using Blaster Plus, the other hub connected to the downstream port wont show up on the host till you bind it to hub driver again.


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