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    [CYBT-343026-01] All Pin state during reset




      Please let me know the state of the "ALL PINS" during reset?

      I know what UART pins was discussed below.

      [CYBT-343026-01] Pin state during reset


      I would like to know similar information about following.


      1pin    P0_P34

      2pin     I2C_SCL

      4pin     I2C_SDA

      5pin     P2_P37_P28

      6pin     SPI2_CS_N

      8pin     SPI2_MISO

      9pin     SPI2_MOSI

      10pin    SPI2_CLK

      11pin    GPIO_0

      12pin    GPIO_1

      14pin     GPIO_4

      15pin     P4/P24

      19pin     GPIO_7

      22pin     GPIO_3

      23pin     GPIO_6