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    cx3 csi parameter. No dma and no error


      Hi, I'm trying to get the CX3 to work with a csi-2 bridge (toshiba TC358746AXBG). I'm starting with the ez-usb image sensor configuration tool and then i enter the bridge parameters.


      Here are the parameter i measured on a scope.


      And here are the result that i have. The state machine value is always 0x2 and i got no error from CyU3PMipicsiGetErrors(). I also used CyU3PMipicsiSetPhyTimeDelay(1,0x0B) to set a delay as suggested by the CX3 MIPI interface.



      Does it need something else to work ? also, the value i measured on the scope. I also already tried to test if it work in continuous clock mode.

      h-active = 30us

      h-blank = 6.8 us

      V-active = 24.8ms

      v-blank = 8.48ms


      Thank you for your help


      Ps, when i edit some of the parameter ex. h-blank, hs-prepare... nothing change in h and c files. does the compiler directly use the cycx file ?