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    PSoC5LP CapSense parameter setting of "IDAC" and "Analog switch divider"




      We are doing manual tuning of CapSense.


      First, we decided the resolution from the SN ratio.

      We understand that "IDAC" and "Analog switch divider" are items like fine adjustment.

      There are threshold values that stop working at all by changing the numerical values of "IDAC" and "Analog switch divider".


      For example,

      Set Analog Switch Divider to 3: Works fine
      Set Analog Switch Divider to 2: No response

      in this case,
      Analog switch divider will be better not to set to 3?


      Is there a document on manual setting of "IDAC" and "Analog switch divider"?

      Descriptions of the function are described in the data sheet, but there is no description of how to set it to the optimum value manually.