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    About  CY4532 KIT Demo


      We are considering demo with the following system configuration with CY4532 kit (power sink).
      -  we do not need data tranfer.In a
      [Syetem]  Note PC⇒CY4532 Main board (Type-C I/F) ⇒ Main board (type-A I/F) ⇒ Mobile phone

      In addition,  we want to operate the PPS demo, too.

      Q1) Is it possible to operate above system using CYPD3171-24LQXQ_cla_3_3_0_1882_0_0_0_pa.cyacd?
      Q2) Could you please tell me if there is a sample FW that can output power to Type-A via Type-C on the main board?


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