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    BLE pairing with IOS


      I use the CY8C4128LQI-BL543, in the component of the BLE I have defined in the Security Level : Unauthenticated pairing with encryption.

      After this change I receive in my IOS application and in the CySmart app the follow message every time I reconnect:



      Can I solve this problem from the device or only through the application?

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          If we enable the "unauthenticated pairing with encryption" in the security level, pairing process will takes and the device will send encrypted data after establishing a connection with the remote device. And if we enable the Bonding then the keys which are exchanged during the pairing process are saved. After devices are bonded, they do not have to go through the pairing process again when reconnected. Can you please explain what is the issue you are facing?



          P Yugandhar.

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            I had to allow the bonding