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    Question FX3S




      1) Is FX3S in mass production?
      2) What are the revisions?
      3) There is full support for the USB3 protocol.
      4) What is the fundamental difference between the FX3S RAID-on-Chip USB Dongle and FX3S DVK whales? Schemes will be provided after purchase, or where they can be downloaded?


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          1. FX3S is in Mass Production

          2. Revision D is availble now

          3. Yes, The USB of FX3S is compliance with USB 3.0 specification 1.0

          4. The FX3S RAID-on-Chip is addresses RAID design(it comes with RAID FW) and DVK can be used to connect 16-bit GPIF II interface. We can also use the DVK to test the RAID design(with a few modifications in firmware). The DVK has debugging options (UART and JTAG headers) and more boot options.


          The main featurs of each design are mentioned here.




          •   Support for USB 3.0                                                                                                          
          • Support for 2 8-bit storage ports that can be either SD3.0, SDIO3.0 or eMMC4.41
          • Support for all boot modes as specified in the FX3S datasheet
          • Support for JTAG Debug
          • P-Port connector to connect to FPGA’s or application processors
          • RS-232 line drivers to connect to PC COM port


          RAID Dongle


          • Support for USB 3.0
          • Built in RAID 1 Functionality
          • Built in Auto Synchronization of SD cards
          • SPI flash for boot
          • 10 pin connector that support UART and 4-bit MMC slave
          • Jumper for firmware flashing
          • LED indicators


          The USB RAID design schematic is available here - Regarding sdcard fx3s


          The other schematic you have to get it from Pactron after purchase. You may refer AN70707 and AN89661 application notes for schematic guidelines RAID fucntionality respectively.


          Please send your request for buying FX3S DVK / FX3S RAID-on-Chip USB Dongle to the following email addresses:

          1.   Arvind_kumar@pactroninc.com
          2.   brian_koo@pactroninc.com

          There seems to be issues with support@pactronstore.com and also the pactron store web site is not accessible. Please direct your queries to the above email addresses.

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            Thank you for the detailed answer.

            How a debugger need for these boards or is it in their bundle?

            How to determine the revision of the chip to order? In the data sheet of chip there is no information about the revision?

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              FX3S chip comes with JTAG functionality for debugging purpose. In the DVK, these pins are taken out and connected to a JTAG header. Hence, we can connect JTAG debuggers like Segger JLINK for debugging.

              We can even use UART functionality of FX3S for collecting the logs. The header for connecting to RS-232 line drivers to connect to PC COM port also provided.


              You will get the latest revision chips on your order. We do not ship the older versions.