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    PSoC5LP CapSense scan clock setting




      Please tell us about "scan clodk" of CapSense CSD component.


      Master clock of PSoC 5LP at 66 MHz
      Scan clock of CapSense CSD at 24 MHz

      Although it is set to the above,

      The scan clock is 22 MHz ( Master clock divided by 3 ).


      Therefore, a warning occurs in PSoC Craeator.

      Master clock can not be lowered by other digital processing.
      Considering the operation of CapSense, the scan clock can not be lowered.

      Is it a problem to leave this warning unattended?


      I tried variously but I can not avoid this warning.
      Is there a way to solve the warning?

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          Hi Masashi-san,


          It is fine to leave the warning unattended. The scan clock is set to 22 MHz in this case.

          Since 24 MHz is mentioned as scan clock in the customizer, the warning occurs.


          If you would like to avoid the warning, you will have to set the clock as 22 MHz in the customizer GUI. Else, you could increase the master clock frequency, if possible in your application.


          Scan clock could be set to 22 MHz and we do not expect any issues in the CapSense operation. Please let us know if you face any issues.




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            Thank you for your support.


            I thought that Scan clock was only selectable from the pull-down menu,

            but I did not know that I can enter any number arbitrarily.


            Since PSoC5LP is a series not compatible with 80 MHz, it was not able to raise the clock anymore.
            We were in trouble because could not avoid warning.