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    ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi module problem building the project


      Hi guys, I bought  ATWINC1500 wi-fi module and I tried to port the code to psoc 5lp cy8ckit-059.

      ATWINC1500 is a mcu module that use spi interface for communication with master(psoc).

      I read a guide that says i need to port just two libraries in order to get wifi in any mcu. These libraries are about the management of spi hardware and wifi module hardware reset/start.

      I downloaded all the project files from atmel studio 7(IDE) and then I modified nm_bus_wrapper.c and nm_bsp.c.

      Porting the code was an hard work but theoretically I did it, then I create the project in Psoc Creator.

      The application I create in the main.c let me know the chip id (I port it from atmel studio7 examples)

      Actually the problem is that i can't build the project, it gives me error on the psoc creator downside window, but it doesn't say what kind of error, so I don't know what to do.


      I hope someone could help me, giving a look at my project.