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    Using CYBT-343026 with Linux Bluetooth stacks


      I want to use the CYBT-343026 in conjuction with a Linux Host Computer. As far as I have seen there are 2 possible communication ways over a Uart-connection - the standard HCI mode (which I want to use) and the WICED HCI mode which seem to provide a communication way with the Bluetooth protocol which was formerly programmed into the modules flash memory.

      Is there an example application to configure the CYBT-343026 non volatile to be used like a Bluetooth radio - just setting a specific baud rate on the UART and then  communicating over the standard HCI protocol (I guess H4) in conjunction with the Linux Bluetooth stacks?


      While searching in the community database I have found several "solutions" which are sometimes very different, such as:


      1. In the support case "Linux driver for CYBT 343026" the solution seems to be "just download a patch (or an empty application) and then send HCI commands over HCI UART."

      2. In the KBA225450 the solution seems to be loading the flash with any non-Bluetooth project (Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth BR/EDR) for example GPIO application which is part of the SDK.

      3. Also mentioned in KBA225450: "...pull the SPI2_MOSI pin low on Power ON to put the device in HCI mode where it starts accepting all HCI commands."

      4. In the support case "CYW20719 in HCI mode the following method is described: Create a project with an empty application and program it into the flash. Then send a HCI reset command ((01 03 0C 00) (01)


      I have tried most of the mentioned solutions above, but I had no success to talk to the module from the linux side (hciattach -> "hciconfig hci0 up" -> fail).

      Therefore my question: What is the prefered way to bring the CYBT-343026 into "standard" hci mode?