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    BLE 4.2 improved pairing with JustWorks


      I'm looking into the enhanced security features of BLE 4.2


      When reading A Basic Introduction to BLE Security - Wireless - eewiki  it seems that BLE 4.2 has enhanced security for when having JustWorks pairing on a LE Secure Connection. How do I make use of this feature? I'm using PSoC Creator 3.3.


      What would be the way to enable this? When looking at the generated BLE code, it seems that I need to have the security set to "Authenticated LE secure Connections with encryption" in order to enable Secure Connections, but this enforces to have passkey or numeric comparison. My device does not have any I/O capabilities.

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          For Just works pairing on LE secure connection, In the BLE component configuration, set the security level to "Authenticated LE secure connection with encryption" and I/O Capability to "Display". However, in the firmware change the I/O Capability to No input and No output using the API CyBle_GapSetIoCap(CYBLE_GAP_IOCAP_NOINPUT_NOOUTPUT) in the ble stack on event. Then we can get Just works pairing with secure connections.



          P Yugandhar.