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    Questions about FX3 DMA channel creation for communicating with an external FPGA


      Currently, I use FX3 as a bridge for communication between a PC and an external FPGA board as shown below:


                     read/write FPGA register request                  

      PC      ---------------------------------------------->  FX3 ------------------------------------>  FPGA

                     read FPGA data request                                   


      In this design, FX3 GPIF is a synchronous master and used to:

      1. read/write register space from/to FPGA;

      2. read data space (FIFO) from  FPGA.


      The two spaces of the FPGA are distinguished by an adress line of the GPIF interface, e.g. 1 for register space and 0 for data space.


      on FX3 side, I tried to use three threads: the first thread (thread0) is used to read register value from the FPGA, the second one for writing FPGA register, and the thrid one for reading FPGA data, so I create three DMA channels as follows:


      1.DMA1.prodSckId = 0x0102;      01: GPIF;        02: Thread 2;       //for reading FPGA registers

         DMA1.consSckId = 0x0302       03: USBOUT; 02: socket number 2 and mapped to end point IN 2;


      2.DMA2.prodSckId = 0x0401;      04: USBIN;      01: socket number 1 ;   //for writing FPGA registers

         DMA2.consSckId = 0x0103       01: GPIF;        03: thread 3;


      3.DMA3.prodSckId = 0x0100;      01: GPIF;        00: Thread 0;  //for reading FPGA data

         DMA1.consSckId = 0x0301       03: USBOUT; 01: socket number 1 and mapped to end point IN 1;


      Now, the DMA2 and DMA3 can work well, that is, PC can sucessfully write register to FPGA and read data back from FPGA, but PC can not read FPGA register through DMA1 channel.


      My question is that, if FX3 GPIF as a synchronous master, can more than one thread be used to transfer data from outside to FX3 engress end points? or there are any configuration errors in the DMA channel creation?


      Your suggestions are very appreciated!