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    Removing unused features from 43xxx_Wi-Fi


      Using WICED Studio 6.2.1 with a CYW43907.  There are a number of unused features that I would like to remove, to make the codebase lighter. E.g. buttons, audio, etc.  Short of going thru the whole SDK and manually removing code, there does not seem to be any way of disabling these features.  I tried setting PLATFORM_AUDIO_NUM_INPUTS to zero but then it creates compile errors with zero indexed arrays, etc.


      Is there a good way to remove these features? 

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          You can check the platform makefile to check if there are macros that could be disabled. For instance, there is a macro PLATFORM_SUPPORTS_BUTTONS that could be disabled for button support. Likewise you can disable ADC, audio, etc. You can also check application makefile if there are unused libraries which can be disabled.

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