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    MiniProg3 stops working with CYBLE 214009




      We have been running into issues using the MiniProg3 to program and debug the CYBLE 214009 Bluetooth module. We have been suing multiple MiniProg3 debuggers with either the CYBLE evaluation board or custom PCBs with the CYBLE chip. Previously we have been able to program both the evaluation board and our custom PCBs fine with the MiniProgs. However, the MiniProgs seem to have suddenly stopped working with our custom PCBs while still being able to connect to the evaluation board.




      No changes or modifications were made to our boards to affect this change. We currently have 4 MiniProgs and they all have stopped working. Is there anything we can try to fix them? We have tried simple things like restarting PSoC Creator, restarting the computer, etc.