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    Modus PSoC6 TCPWM PWM output


      Hello Everyone,

      I am trying to get a TCPWM configured as a PWM peripheral to drive an external device (for tests I am using an LED)

      If I directly trigger the pin value the LED turns on, I cant get the PWM to give me an output signal.

      the pin was configured as strong drive no buffer, and the digital output set to match the PWM signal.


      this should get it going right?

      Cy_TCPWM_PWM_Init( BlinkyPWM_HW, 0UL, &BlinkyPWM_config );

      Cy_TCPWM_PWM_Enable( BlinkyPWM_HW, 0UL);

      Cy_TCPWM_TriggerStart( BlinkyPWM_HW, BlinkyPWM_CNT_MASK );


      I need a PWM configured as one shot to trigger an interrupt when it reaches overflow state.