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    FM4 - FR60 compatibility ?



      my company is using FR60 controllers for some years now.

      They are fine technically, but clearly on the way to discontinuation.

      Thus, we ponder porting our ECU application to a ARM core, with a M4F looking sufficient.


      I'm well aware that the FR60 is/was a Fujitsu proprietary core, and shares very little resemblance with a Cortex M core.

      But since the FM4 family originated within Fujitsu as well, there is a good chance both families share common peripheral components.

      In other words, was the IP of peripherals from the FR60 re-used for the FM3/FM3 family ?

      Especially the CAN peripheral unit would be interesting, but timers and serial units as well.


      I realized similar reuse of periphery blocks with MCUs from other vendors - often even old 8-bit periphery ends up on Cortex M4 cores.

      Perhaps anyone can share some insights.