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    SAR ADC Modustoolbox


      Hello Everyone, I am just getting my head around Modustoolbox, It is a very powerful tool. I guess the problem we face with PSoC devices is shortage of simple examples to get a head start.

      I am trying to get SAR ADC to read 3 analog single ended signals on the psoc 6 BLE PROTOTYPING KIT (cy8cproto-063-ble) I cant find a working example, been putting some code together sort of works I am getting an interrupt triggered by the EOS routine. The SAR conversion is triggered with the user button, and the UART is used for preview the values.


      surely I am missing something. .chanEn = 7UL,? seems ok, Cy_SAR_Init(ADC_HW, &ADC_config); then enable and start convert.

      the program runs I am not getting any values that can relate to the voltage.


      any help is appreciated


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          Hello Juan,


          Could you please enable the Aref block too before using the SAR ADC.


              cy_en_sysanalog_status_t status_aref;

              status_aref = Cy_SysAnalog_Init(&Cy_SysAnalog_Fast_Local);


              /* Turn on the hardware block. */




          I have attached one sample code I have generated too which was tested to be working at my end.


          Best Regards,

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            Thank you Vasanth,

            I was trying to get AREF enabled but it was asking me for an OPAMP reference I didn't realize the reference can be local.

            and enabling the hardware block was missing