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    zigbee interfacing with psoc 6 wifi-bt pioneer kit


      i am trying to receive data from arduino to psoc 6. i want to receive data data zigbee and also display it on the tft diplay. the zigbee module are communicating properly. now the problem is that the display shield takes the usb-uart port. so i tried configuring other port i.e port 8. but in both cases i am  not able to see the data received. please help me figure out where i am going wrong.

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          Yes, you need to configure another port to use the UART. Let's take P8[1] as the uart_tx and P8[0] as uart_rx like you wanted. Make sure you assign these pins to the UART in the design wide resources.


          Since the Kitprog acts as a USB-UART bridge, you need to have wires connected to the custom UART_TX and UART_RX pins if you aren't using the port 5 pins which are connected internally. The kit provides this option in the "PSoC5LP GPIO Expansion Header (J6)". You need to connect the pins 12[6] ---> 8[0] and P12[7] ---> 8[1] externally. Also, since J6 is not loaded, you need to populate the header here.


          You can find more information on the schematics here: https://www.cypress.com/file/420846/download