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    GPIO during hibernate operation at PSoC5LP




      We would like to confirm the GPIO in hibernate mode at PSoC5LP.

      PSoC5LP has no Pin_Sleep API.

      We understand that the GPIO during hibernate operation remains the same setting as during Active.

      For example,
      Set GPIO as input for resistance pull-up.
      It is connected to the push switch (Pressed 'L').
      And this pin is not set as a wakeup resource.

      If you press this push switch in hibernate mode,
      Consumption current will be kept slightly increased.

      Instead of slightly increasing the current only at the moment the push switch is pressed,
      While the hibernate operation, the current slight increase is held but is it the correct operation?


      As a method for solving this problem,
      Is there a method other than changing the drive mode of the GPIO connected to the push switch to Hi-Z before hibernate operation?