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    2bit high speed data transfer



      I would like to transfer 2/4bit data coming out from a board to USB. The only other signal that I have is the clock (which is not a multiple / sub-multiple of 100MHz GPIF clock).

      I have verified the hardware setup - clock is coming out properly and the data bits are toggling appropriately. When I use the GPIF2USB example, I'm able to read the data using Streamer but there are issues of over sampling and data loss due to GPIF clock and external clock being out of sync (12.3MHz Vs 100MHz GPIF). Can somebody plz. help me with a firmware image with which I can get the data transferred. I know that the minimum data width of GPIF is 8 and I have a software for taking out only 2/4bits out of this.


      Any help is deeply appreciated.