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    BCM20730 firmware


      Dear Sirs and Madams!


      Is it possible to get souce code of BCM20730 firmware, so I can customize my application?




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          The CYW20730 is not supported in the broad market, and as such, is not supported here on the community.  Please reach out to the local Cypress sales and distribution team that enabled you on this device as they will be able to line up the correct support.

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            Thank you for you answer, cand you provide me contact email for doing such task as you proposed? And can someone please clarify me why CYW20730 is NOT supported in the broad market?

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              Broad market devices are normally supported with sufficient documentation and support from the Level 1 Applications team that mans the forums. In addition, they are normally supported with development tools like WICED Studio.


              Non broad market devices are typically designated for specific customer engagements within defined vertical markets.  As such, they are pretty high touch from a support perspective, so they require local/regional engagement.


              I've reached out to my team in Europe, so someone should be in contact shortly.  Respond to this thread if you do not hear back from someone by mid-week. 

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