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    PSoC6 PC stuck at 0x00001F2C on boot


      I have attached two intel hex files for the PSoC6 BLE Pioneer Kit.


      The first leds_on.hex is built with PSoC Creator and boots as expected after reset.

      The second leds_blink.hex is built outside PSoC Creator it does not boot after reset.


      When I attach the debugger the PC is stuck at 0x00001F2C.

      If I set the SP and PC to values stored in the vector table, leds_links works properly and I can debug without a problem.

      It appears like the reset vector is never entered on boot.


      Note: I am using JFlash to load the hex files.


      I have inspected the vector table and everything looks fine to me.

      I would like to know what I am missing.