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    UART Buffer Interrupt ?


      Hi there,


      I am currently working on a project with a PSOC 4200 BLE but I do not use the BLE part.

      My Psoc should put a String to a HM-10 Module and then Receive an answer.

      So I put a string over my UART to the HM-10. -> "AT"

      The answer I am getting is "OK", which I was expecting.

      But as soon as I change the buffer size over 4, which I need to because now I want to send 8 characters and receive around 12 to 14 characters.

      I know I need an Interrupt for this but I don't know how to implement one because I don't get the difference between the internal and the external isr.

      As well as I don't know if I need an isr on my tx because it is also greater than 4 byte.

      I know there must be an easy solution to this but I just can't find it.

      Is there anyone who ones how to handle this?


      If needed I can upload my code.


      Thanks for your help