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    Using PSoC 6 for BT FTM




      I'm trying to evaluate if the PSoC 63/62 is a good choice for my project. I was initially attracted to this family due to the high MCU clock which fit my minimum timing requirements.  I'm interested in calculating a round-trip time between SCAN_REQ and SCAN_RSP on the MCU.  I've been trying to find information on the clock speeds for the BLE subsystem. I found in the product specifications:


      Note that at Cortex M4 speeds above 100 MHz, the M0+ and Peripheral subsystem are limited to half the M4 speed. If the M4 is running at 150 Mhz, the M0+and peripheral subsystem is limited to 75 MHz


      Does this imply BLE subsystem operates at 100/75 MHz?


      If anyone has any other AN suggestions for a high freq timer to accomplish this I'm all ears.