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    CX3 Streaming RAW8 from OV5647



      I have successfully streamed RAW10 from the OV5647 sensor and thought it would be an easy matter to reduce that to RAW8.  It has not been.  I referenced this post Streaming RAW8 or RAW10 using CX3 which shows success with a different sensor in 5MP mode, but I cannot replicate it.


      I have the sensor register 0x3034 set to 0x18 (RAW8),

      The MIPI format is RAW8,

      The bus width is 8,

      The sensor is 1080p (1920x1080x30fps),

      The USB header bit rate is 1920x1080x8*30,

      Frame size is 1920x1080 bytes,

      Frame interval is 10000000/30,

      The GUID is RGB565 (have also tried YUY2),

      Bits per pixel is 8 (have also tried 16),


      The article I mentioned above seems to contain conflicting settings:


      • Camera settings: 2592x1944, RAW8, 15FPS
      • MIPI Configuration: RAW8, hResolution = 2592
      • GPIF Bus: 8 bits
      • Probe control settings: max bytes per frame = 2592x1944
      • USB descriptor: RGB565, 16bpp, frame size = 2592x1944, bit rate = 2592x1944x15x8


      I would expect the bit rate to be 2592x1944x15x16, not 2592x1944x15x8 as shown above, so I guessed that they were maybe using different bit values to compute the bit rate than are listed in the bits per pixel field, so I tried that too.


      The VSYNC and HSYNC test points are not correct.  HSYNC has a bunch of negative going pulses during what should be the vertical retrace period, and HSYNC is very erratic.


      Any thoughts appreciated,


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          Hi Scott,


          Can you share the screenshot of CX3 configuration tool? I could check it on my side .

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            Hi YangyangC,


            Here are the screen shots:




            We're running at 1080p, so that's the only resolution I've included.

            I have added a 50 ms delay [P1080DELAY is 50] before switching the sensor into 1080p mode in the CyCx3UvcAppImageSensorSetStillResolution.


            I have also tried setting the MIPI bus to 16 bits, and bits per pixel to 16.  None of these combinations have generated images.




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              Hi Scott,


              I generate an example project according to your configuration. Please refer to it.

              Please note that I use 16-bit port and the format is defined as YUY2, thus the bytes per pixel is 2 and the width is 1080/2=540(0x03c0).

              You could use MPC-HC, e-Cam viewer or AmCap to test the video stream.


              Also, you may adjust the some paramters, for example CSI clock,  in CX3 configuration tool. Please confirm these values with support person from OV.


              Since you could see video stream now, please check the signals on PCLK/H_sync/V_sync, etc. In addition, try to use CyU3PMipicsiSetPhyTimeDelay.

              I presume that you are familiar with it.