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    Unable to joint enterprise network


      My configuration:
      I'm unable to join enterprise network with BCM943438 platform, wiced-sdk 6.2.1. FreeRADIUS version 3.0.16 is configured for PEAP-MSCHAP authentication, FreeRadius works fine because I'm able to connect to it via phone/pc.

      My build is using FreeRTOS-lwip, however after reading this thread I have adapted my project to use ThreadX-NetX_Duo.



      My WLAN firmware version is

      My join process:
      I have built test process with contains these steps -
      1. Scan available networks, if I find my network "TA_Enterprise" I copy wiced_scan_result_t structure.
      2. Initialize besl supplicant with besl_supplicant_init function.
      3. Starting besl with besl_supplicant_start.
      4. Connecting to wifi with wwd_wifi_join. For this function I use data from step 1.


      After these steps I can see that communication between device and radius server have started, however it end really quickly. I get these errors:


      mbedtls_ssl_handshake returned -0xFFFFD900

      TLS handshake failed with error = [4]

      wwd_wifi_join: not ready to transceive (err 1007); left network


      After these messages server just cleans up.

      I have attached full device and freeradius logs. I cant understand why I get these errors.