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    Looking for buck-boost battery charger IC



      I am currently looking for a buck-boost battery charger IC for a battery backup system.  The system is DC powered that is supplying 5V/5A to a 5V power rail and a 3.3V power rail. The max power demand for the system is 5V/4.8A and 3.3V/2A.

      The requirements for the buck-boost battery charger IC are:

      • Being able to boost off the battery 5/1.2A and 3.3V/2A as the power demand increases.
      • Charge the battery when the power supply increase is not needed
      • Provide power to the system when the 5V/5A power input is cutoff using the battery
      • Easily integrable into an existing design, so a reference design/ design advice is needed as well.

      Thank you.