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    Conversion to bootloadable code


      I have a psoc creator project for the CY8C5488 part. The project is fully operational. Now I need to make it bootloadable, so I added Bootloadable_V1_60 module and configured it as directed by the datasheet. I get a build failure:


      Error: pft.M0101: Unable to generate metadata file:

      Dependency Generation...


      Error: fit.M0050: The fitter aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rebuild. (App=cydsfit)

      --------------- Build Failed: 01/22/2019 11:11:20 ---------------


      I cannot find an explanation for this type of failure that could point to the reason. I saw related blog where someone had the same failure for a "simple" project, and the way he solved is by re-creating the project from scratch including the bootloadable object. My project is advanced, to do this I suspect would take a lot of work. Any suggestions regarding alternatives? I can attach the source code if necessary. Thanks.