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    CYW43455 WiFi Certification


      We are building a security product that will use a Raspberry PI 3 Model B+ board.  That board uses the Cypress CYW43455 WiFi Module that is not WiFi Certified (per the WiFi Alliance's database).  We would like our product to achieve WiFi Certification and I want to know what support (if any) Cypress may offer if we decide to put our product through the WiFi Certification process.


      Thank you.

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                Wifi certification involves tool debugging,  special case debugging,  driver modifications.  Really it  is not good to get help from forum.

          We can give comments for some failed cases like failed in 4.2 , but  environment setup, fw support is not included.

          Best way is to contact with module maker,evb solution provided, or our marketing to create an opportunity , then we can go to next step.