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    Color Light-To-Frequency Converter TCS3200 (CY8CKIT-050) Sample Program




      One day, someone sent me a message that the person is having difficulty using TCS3200 with PSoC 5.

      And as I wanted to find the next theme for my sample project, I ordered a couple of TCS3200 modules to my DigKey account.


      I've tried some I2C color sensors before, but "frequency" as the output(?) was my first experiment.

      And also I noticed that I have not done much programming (aka hacking) with PSoC 5LP, yet.

      So I gave a try v(^_^)


      My schematic was something like below


      The sensor has scaling choice of 0%, 2%, 20%, 100%

      and color sense choice of Red, Blue, (Clear), and Green.


      For the first prototype, I just let the program looping all choices, including probably nonsense 0%.


      First I ran the loop with open air condition, like the picture above



      Then I held an orange above the sensor


      The result was


      So at least the values were affected.