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    observer - low power operating


      Hi!!! I am now using Cypress's PSoC4 BLE to create a BLE Observer and a Dynamic Broadcaster.


      First of all, among the BLE 100 Projects provided by Cypress, observer and dynamic broadcaster are being downloaded and tested.


      Especially, in the case of observer, power consumption should be configured as low power so that the filter policy is registered as White List Only, and the device registered in white list tries to receive TX ADV packet.

      (See the attached observer modified project)


      Then, in the case of observer, I think that it will only generate a scan result event when receiving TX ADV packet from the device registered in white list, and stay in deep sleep normally.


      And by adjusting the scan window and scan interval, our application spec. I am trying to find the optimal power consumption conditions


      However, in the attached console capture screen, SDDSS is output once about every second.


      The meaning of the S character is to print to the console when it wakes up from sleep, and the meaning of the D character is to print to the console when it wakes up from Deep Sleep.


      I am not sure why the power state works when I do not tx the adv packet in the broadcasts listed in the white list.


      I need some advice on this behavior.

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          Apologies for the delay. Can you please elaborate the question. I assume that while testing this you have the observer only and the broadcaster is not available. In the project we have configured it in such a way that the scan is again performed when the scan timeout happens. So the observer scans continuously.