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    Dynamically change Capsense tuning mode


      I would like my program to read a register that holds which of the three tuning modes it should be configured for and dynamically change which one it uses. Is this something that is possible or am I out of luck? I haven't found any documentation stating one way or the other yet.

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          The tuning mode is not register-level configuration items, it is more like a firmware switch, controls which part of firmware/algorithm is enabled or disabled when compiling the firmware.  Switch tuning mode use firmware is theoretically feasible but you need to change the code architecture of component source code and this also consumes big size extra FLASH/SRAM, it is not a good idea to do that.


          Why do you want to control the tuning mode dynamically, and what effect do you want to achieve?

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            Thanks for the response. I figured I would have to somehow manually pull in the firmware for each tuning method. The idea was actually pushed to me, I didn't think it would be a good idea. There though is that the more flexibility we have, the better we will be later down the road. Which obviously isn't always the case.


            They basically want to be able to configure as much as they can through the SMBus.

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              CapSense component allow you config almost all the key parameters (like idacs, thresholds, sense clocks) dynamically, but config tuning mode dynamically is not supported because it is not very practical actually, after decide which tuning mode to use, you don't need to change it usually. Myself i usually use "Manual Tuning mode + Enable Auto Calibration" combination.