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    Error: dbg.M0015 with PSoC Creator 4.2 and CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT kit


      As a new user of Cypress MCUs and tools, I am attempting to work through the CE221773 basic Hello World example.  I am able to build the project, program the MCU and enter debug without problem.  As soon as the dev kit Reset switch (SW1) is pressed I get the following error:

      Output window

      The target program has stopped at: file: main_cm4.c line: 98 function: main address: 0x10080464

      Continuing target program


      Error: dbg.M0015: Debugger exited unexpectedly during run.  Encountered error (Target disconnected See output window for more information.)


      Debug settings for the design:

      Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you.