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    Where to call CyBle_GetDeviceAddress() function?




      I try to get a never changing and unique device identifier for the CYBLE-212006-01 BLE module  in PSoC Creator 4.2. I think, the silicon generated device address is the right property here.




      So I need to get this device address in my program. Where should I call the function "CyBle_GetDeviceAddress()"? I tried it in main.c without any success, but in StackEventHandler() it works. Are there any pre conditions to call this function?


      I tried it like this:

      CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T test;

      void StackEventHandler(uint32 eventCode, void *eventParam) {




      test.type = 0;







      I set test.type to 0, to get the silicon generated device address. Is that right?