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    (UART) Optical Fingerprint Scanner (GT-521F32) Sample Project


      The heat of the Year End and the New Year hustle has calmed down.

      But I've been struggling with my private project, which is a Fingerprint Scanner, namely GT-521F32.

      Anyway, finally I could come up with the initial working version.


      Although we've already been familiar with a Fingerprint Scanner with iPhones and Smartphones,

      I wanted to play with one. And I found a reasonable priced one.

      Fingerprint Scanner - TTL (GT-521F32) - SEN-14518 - SparkFun Electronics


      So I gave a try, since it is connected via UART, it seems to be easy to handle.

      Well, communicating with module was easy, but control the device was another story (at least to me).



      The schematic looks like


      According to the programming guide term, to register a finger print is "enroll".

      Since finding 200 person sounds difficult, I used a few of my fingers to try.

      I enrolled my left thumb as 0, left index as 1, right thumb as 2, right index as 3...


      To enroll a finger, the device requires us to release and touch the finger 3 times.


      Then we can identify a finger (print) if it's enrolled or verify if enrolled finger can be verified correctly.