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    Modus generated hex file cannot be parsed by PSoC programmer?





      I encountered bellow problems when used Modus 1.0 IDE.




      1.I enabled hex output according to ModusToolbox_IDE_User_Guide.pdf

      page 44 Enable HEX File Generation,

      but bellow message shown after I selected the HEX file generate by modus.

      "Hex File parsing failure. Unknown record type."

      I noted bellow description in ModusToolbox_IDE_User_Guide.pdf



      You can use the HEX file with the Cypress Programmer tool to program the device.

      Make sure you set the Reset Chip flag.

      Refer to the Cypress Programmer 2.0 GUI User Guide for more information.



      and I want to know how to set Reset Chip flag,

      and does it relate with Hex File parsing failure.



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