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    AS0260S noisy image




      We have developed a camera sensor board with AS0260S chip using parallel interface with a Cypress FX3, but having some noisy image. The noise is static, so it wont change with time, always the same pattern. Is it more likely a hardware issue or just a misconfigured sensor?

      We have tried a MT9M114 chip with the same hardware (just the sensor chip part changed) and it doesn't have this type of noise. Although we used the code from the fx3 library to initialise the chip (errata fixes, quality improvements etc.). So we might need similar code for this chip too?

      Unfortunately the functions for initialising AS0260 are bundled in a static library and it is using serial interface, so we cant use that in our software.

      Would it be possible to get the source code of the cy_as0260.a or at least the register configurations
      (The following functions: CyCx3_ImageSensor_Init, AS0260S_Sensor_Optimization_Config, AS0260S_Patch_Load etc.)

      This might need to make go this static noise and improve the image quality.


      Attached files:

      pixel_noise.jpg the static noisy what we are having when we cover(more visible when the image is black) the lens of the sensor chip



      initialization.txt - The code how we initialise the sensor chip at the moment (one of the format settings)


      Best regrads,

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          Hi Benjamin,


          We build the example project based on CX3+AS0260 in which AS0260 outputs data from MIPI interface instead of parallel ports.

          Thus the source code of AS0260 doesn't make sense for you. More important, it is a confidential one that we could not share with you.

          Please contact your local support from OnSemi.