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    Is it Possible to Program CY7C63823 using CY3215A-DK?


      I've read the discussion of programming a CY7C63813 (in-circuit) using the MiniProg and the 5-pin to USB adapter.  I am wondering if I can use the CY3215A-DK as a platform to program a CY7C63823 in-circuit.  This would require a custom cable that I could fabricate, taking the signals from the POD 16-pin connector off the CY3215A and terminating into a USB plug.  Not totally sure of the wiring requirements, so would like to confirm the wiring hookup, plus any required pullups or pulldowns on other signals off the POD.

      In addition, if this is technically feasible, then will the PSOC programmer software properly detect the appropriate MCU?  Currently, with the latest downloaded updates, the PSOC Programmer does not have a device selection option for the CY7C63823.


      Thanks in advance!