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    Enable High Level Support for PSoC 6 devices



      this week I switched from CYBLE-212006 module (PSoC 4) to the CYBLE-416045 module in PSoC Creator 4.2. I'm very surprised, that I can not use the old high level routines.


      In PSoC 4 module I can write:



      But in PSoC 6 mudule I have to write:

      Cy_GPIO_Pin_FastInit(LED_3_green_0_PORT, LED_3_green_0_NUM, CY_GPIO_DM_STRONG, 1, HSIOM_SEL_GPIO);

      Cy_GPIO_Set(LED_3_green_0_PORT, LED_3_green_0_NUM);


      That's just a very small example but when I try to setup the BLE module or an SPI interface, there are a lot of differences. And when I try to get a code example, I just get examples in the old style.



      So is there a way to enable the high level routines?



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          Yes, PSoC 6 comes with a dual core architecture which comes with various complexities. PSoC 6 is completely based on the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) to make this complexity go away. There is no seperate component based API documentation like you see in PSoC 4, it gets completely integrated into the PDL in PSoC 6.


          The PDL implements a simple, consistent design based on three fundamental concepts like the code snippet you mentioned:

          • Base Hardware Address
          • Configuration Structure
          • Context Structure


          I agree it might take time to get familiar with it, but once you get it, you've got it. To answer your question, there is no way to enable high level routines. The PDL format is the way to proceed. Find more information here.




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            Thanks for your answer!