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    Data transmission between auto slave and auto master through 16 bit data bus


      Based on AN87216 (auto slave and auto master with 32 bit data bus), using Control Center to send 256 or 512 bytes from FX3's master to FX3's slave, all data can be received by slave.



      When 32 bit data bus is reduced to 16 bit by modiying "#define CY_FX_GPIF_16_32BIT_CONF_SELECT (0)", relevant modification has been done in GPIF design, it seems there is problem. When master sends 512 bytes data to slave by Control Center, slave still can received 512 bytes.

      However, when master sends 256 bytes data to slave, slave receive nothing. If master sends 4 more bytes, slave can received 260 bytes. That means all data can be received.


      Please advise.