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    PSoC 6/ Creator File issues


      I have been having issues with PSoC Creator, using PSoC 6, where adding files through the right-click-ADD function seems to add the files to Creator, but does not add them to the workspace/project.  Also, lots of issues finding .h files etc when they are listed in Creator.  A snap is below showing a .h file that has been imported but never found.

      Also, some variables that are declared in .h files don't seem to be getting passed, despite being defined appropriately.

      Are there significant bugs in the latest Creator?  Or is there something I am missing in terms of dragging files etc into the environment???  I have eventually managed to get this issue sorted, but do not understand how...….by restarting PSoC Creator it resolved, but now I have a variable reference issue that is as perplexing.


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          Looks like PSoC Creator might have hanged in between causing the added header file to not be detected. But, the method of right click ADD does work and you should be able to include it in your project. The restart might have helped PSoC Creator work appropriately and detect the latest added files changes. I tested this on my end and it works so I don't think its a bug but rather Creator hanging due to some reason causing it to not detect new file changes which must be investigated.


          I see that other files like "display_task.h" are detected. Any information on when Creator stopped detecting the files and what might have caused it according to you would give us a great starting point to debug this issue.


          About the undefined variable reference issue, if the variable is defined elsewhere other than main, make sure you have used extern to define the variable in main. Please attach your project if possible so that I can debug it further.


          Looking forward to your reply!




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            Thanks for your response.


            I have noted a few issues in my recent work.  As part of my project I am also writing a console visual application using Visual Basic via Visual Studio.  I had to have the PSoC running simultaneously to get things developed, but noted that PSoC Creator would just simply quit every so often when Visual Studio was working.  I am not sure that it should do that!!


            Another issue is deleting some parts of the drawing file…..at times it would continue to come up with errors about nets being still connected when all had been deleted.




            But this issue of not recognising files is really looking like perhaps PSoC Creator has been infected by Visual Studio perhaps.  Just a thought.  But I am still having issues with recognising tasks even after they have been defined in the main RTOS file.  The task file exists but is not being recognised.  So it seems to be a file recognition issue and not only header files.




            I have re-installed PSoC Creator.  I have restarted my computer.  In the latest issue, a task file would not be recognised despite being there in full view.  So I copied the contents, deleted the file, added a new C-file and saved it as the original file……..a message said the original file still existed yet was not visible!!!!  Then once I re-initiated it with a totally new file, it still does not find it.  See below.  The task name in the rfrcv_task.h file is good, same in the rfrcv_task.c file.  I copied them over just to be sure. 




            What would you suggest?? 












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              Hello Geoff,


              PSoC Creator crashing when run alongside Visual Studio is a known bug and we are working towards resolving this. The not so ideal workaround is to use one IDE at a time.


              After making edits to the drawing file, please build the application for the changes to take effect and whatever is seen in the error window might be wrong until it is built.


              About the non-detection issue, please make sure when you delete the file, you click on "Delete" and not "Exclude" as "Exclude" only removes the file from the workspace but not from disk. Also, the fact that only the particular file "rfrcv_task.h/c" is causing issues makes me suspect something wrong going on in it. Can you attach the "rfrcv_task.h/c" files for inspection?


              Have you defined the function prototypes for the task before their use in task creation? Attach the "main.c" file if possible.




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                After uninstalling PSoC to the floor and re-installing, the issue remains.  However, on inspection of all the properties of files in my project, some are on direct path and some are on relative paths from a previous project attempt.  I believe that this may be the issue, in that my project is all over the shop with regards to where all project files are located.  Is there a “simple” way to collect this all within the project file in which it is supposed to be located?  Other than doing it via windows explorer?

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                  Please refer to the following KBA to find the correct path for the header files: How to Find the Correct Relative Path of Header Files in PSoC Creator - KBA224495




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                    Thanks Dheeraj,

                    That article shows where files are, but I had total confusion with the file structure because I had copied some files across and "added" some.  The project files were all over the place, and for some reason the system could not find them.  It is a trap for young players.

                    MY SOLUTION

                    I created a totally new project.  I then copied the latest files from two previous projects (that were both being updated by the way!!!!), into the project using Windows explorer.  Then once I started the project, I had to "add" all the files that were actually within the project environment so they were "loaded" into the project.  Finally after some debugging I managed to get it all working.  But a total waste of a couple of days of my time (=$$$) trying to figure out what PSoC Creator was doing. 


                    Cypress need to look at this type of issue towards continual improvement of the environment.  Experienced users may know the tricks, but newbies like me waste a lot of time trying to use existing examples to generate custom code.  That is where I went terribly wrong


                    Thanks for your suggestions.. 

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                      Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We will improve our tools to make sure your experience is seamless. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know that you got it to work!