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    [Verilog] Register access using CY_SET_REG


      When using PSoC5 verilog component, I can access 8 bit register's data by using below command.

      [C code]

              CY_SET_REG8( ComponentName_dataReg0__CONTROL_REG,  0xXX );

      [Verilog code]

           wire [7:0] data0;

           cy_psoc3_control #(.cy_init_value (8'h00), .cy_force_order(`TRUE)) dataReg0(.control(data0));



      And my question is... "is it possible to get 24/32 bit register's data using CY_SET_REG24/32"???

      I think command "cy_psoc3_control" can only apply 8 bit data length.

      So could you tell us how to get 32 bit length register's data using verilog code.


      [C code]

              CY_SET_REG32( ComponentName_dataReg0__CONTROL_REG,  0xXXXX );

      [Verilog code]

           wire [31:0] data0;



      Thank you in advance.