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    CYW43907 eval kit reports flash size incorrectly


      Hey so I wrote another post about using the sflash but I wasn't hearing much so I started playing aroundwith it to see what I could do. I was checking the flash size, and the size function reports that the flash on the CYW943907AEVAL1F is only 8MB. I cheked the datasheet and the part that was populated on the board, and those both agree that the actual flash size is 64MB.


      I tried to find where the discrepancy was so I checked out the some code while looking at this article:SFLASH support addition in WICED - I ended up finding the part defined as 8*MBYTE for size. I tried to change it to 64*MBYTE, but this made the board not function at all, but when I changed it to 16*MB the code worked fin and the flash size was reported as 16MBYTE.


      can anyone explain whats going on here?