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    Can't use resistive pull up / down with Analog pin?

      So if you configure a pin as Type: Analog and Drive mode: Resistive pull down (or Resistive pull up), the pin becomes a digital output pin? I'm finding that it simply follows the Initial drive state setting and can not be driven high or low even with a very low resistor value to ground or VCC.


      I'm trying to avoid an external pull down resistor on an optical sensor by using the internal ones. Apparently not possible? Or what am I missing.


      The datasheet says "If the Type is Analog, the default is High Impedance Analog. This is the only pin drive mode that can support purely Analog pins." but I assumed that was related to routing. Nothing else that I saw seems to indicate why this doesn't work.


      I've tried a number of combinations, including checking both analog and digital input.


      I'm new to the PSoC and would really appreciate a step by step direction or a simple "you can't do that". Thanks in advance.