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    Components in PSoC Creators missing in ModusToolBox. Porting becomes impossible




      i have been working with the PSoC creator and decided to change the HW PSoC4L to PSoC62. So for that i ordered CY8CPROTO-062-4343W which is only supported by ModusToolBox. But i realized that the components i used in my PSoC Creator Project don't exist in ModusToolBox


      Components like

      - Toggle Flip Flop

      - System Clock (where a frequency can be entered without any divider, and the frequency would be provided)

      - Digital Functions/Logic/Registers/Utility etc


      Is there actally a way of getting them in ModusToolBox or they are just not supposed to be there?


      If it is possible to get them, then please let me know, as i have already started porting.