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    For S25FL128S, some errors about QPP command simulation



      I am using the flash chip of CYPRESS,S25FL128SAGNFI000, but I have some questions that i don't understand when I do the simulation.


      I am doing the simulation of QPP command, but when I do the QPP command for several times , there are some of the cases that indicate there is a program error happen.

      but these cases are all the same except the address and the write data, So could you help me to find out why the program errors happen?


      (the commadn execution sequence is as follows: (CR1 has already been set as quad mode)

      the system send the QPP signals, then the FLASH control module send the commands to the flash chip like this sequence:

      1, WREN+RDSR1 (make sure that the WEL is enable)

      2, QPP+ADDRESS+DATA(quad mode, 32bit data )

      3, RDSR1(polling to check the WIP )


      I did the qpp command like 6 times , but just like the figure, at the 2nd and 3rd time, the program error happened.

      After sending the QPP command and address and data, polling the SR1 , then the SR1[6]=1, which means that there is a program error happened.




      the six times of address and write data are as followes:

      1,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"000000";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"12341122";

      2,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"000004";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"23451122";

      3,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"00000C";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"34561122";

      4,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"0048D0";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"45671122";

      5,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"0159E0";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"56781122";

      6,  FL_ADDRESS_tmp <= X"01E268";

          FL_WDAT_tmp  <= X"67891122";


      I think there may be something which says that  the first QPP address and second QPP address should't be too close, otherwise there will be a program error.

      But according to the datasheet, I can't find the description about this.


      I can't figure out why this phenomenon happened...

      Could you help me with that?


      Thank you so much and looking forward to your reply~~