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    Ghost errors on build - projects builds fine




      I've some projects which build fine, but they're always throwing some kind of "ghost" errors. Those errors are from components which don't exist anymore in the design or from design errors (e.g. forgot to connect an input terminal).

      From the forum, there are some other topics regarding the same issue:




      On the first mentioned topic, Cypress stated that this will be investigated, but the topic has been locked. Any news on this? Deleting the CyFitter file as mentioned on the 2nd post didn't help.



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          In addition to the cyfitter file try to delete other files: workspace files, Generated_source, etc. - practically all except project file and main.c and .h. (Copy entire project folder in some backup space first).


          Unfortunately, Creator is prone to ghost errors. I suspect they come from unconnected wires of zero length, which are not detectable by parsing algorithm. The fastest and ultimate solution is to create a new project and re-create schematic and copy/paste *.c and *.h files. Takes 5 min.